About us

SOFFAST is dedicated to the early detection and apprehension of suspects involved in financial crimes, forgery, fraud and identity theft.

This is accomplished with a group of dedicated professionals from the Law Enforcement community, Senior Services and local Financial Institutions of Jackson County, Oregon.

SOFFAST meets monthly to exchange information about financial fraud that is occurring and to discuss suspicious activity. SOFFAST creates a great networking group with each of these organizations by working directly together.

our Board:


Micayla Gavin

Financial Institution-Senior Risk Management Program Analyst

Vice President

Melissa LeRitz

Deputy District Attorney 


Julie Payne

Financial Institution- Senior BSA/AML Program Analyst


Carrie Lockwood

Financial Institution- AVP Branch Manager 

Board Member

Ruby Herriott 

Deputy District Attorney II

Board Member

Dan Hall

Financial Institution-Operations Specialist

Board Member

Brenda Garich

Law Enforcement- Detective

Board Member

Jeremy Markiewicz

Chief Deputy District Attorney

Board Member

Bon Stewart 

Law Enforcement- Sergeant